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Nature has bestowed upon these regions various and abundant conditions for the life and the development of game. Various kinds of game live in the fields; in the rocky ground and in the mountains, some of which are a rarity in Europe. The hare, the partridge, the pheasant, the fox, the marten and the badger live in the zone of low wood, i.e. in the rocky ground and in the fields. The doe, the deer, the wolf, the boar, the wildcat, the lynx, the bear and the big grouse live in the zone of high wood, which includes also the high hills of the mountain Vi±evica with the maximal height above sea-level of 1,428 m and the climate is continental. All the regions of the woodland are connected by traffic with the main asphalt road, the diverging roads being good macadam roads. In the zone of woodland there are also several hunters' lodges and inns, in the hunting grounds there are enough open and closed shooting stands, all of which contributing to a pleasant stay of the hunters. Hunting is especiall y interesting in spring, autumn and winter and numerous hunters have won high medals for shooting game. The huntinggrounds may interest also the tourists who like to take a walk and pick strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, hazel-nuts and various kinds of medicinal herbs which can be found in the woods. How to come to the huntinggrounds? It is necessary to contact in writing, personally or by phone one of the hunting associations and ask for the price-list for a given arrangement, after which a written answer will be obtained.


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