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Dramalj – is a renowned tourist resort next to Crikvenica, located on the northern Adriatic coast, 35 km south of Rijeka.
In the past Dramalj was mentioned already at the beginning of the XVIIIth century, only to change its’ name soon afterwards to Sveta Jelena , after the church bearing the same name which was built in 1813. After 1945. the town was renamed again to Dramalj.
As a tourist resort Dramalj started to develop at the end of the XIXth century, simultaneously with the development of tourism in neighbouring Crikvenica, with the construction of many villas and the hotel “Danica”.
The mild Medditerranean climate, rink vegetation and the crystal-clear seawater are more than attractive.
Along the shore in Dramalj there are several well-kept pebble beaches and coves for sunning and bathing.
Dramalj offers 750 beds at hotels and 3500 beds in private rooms or apartments and an autocamp.
During the season, cultural events and entertainment as well as one-day excursions to the immediate neighbourhood are regulary organised.
To round off there exists a wide variety of sport possibilities and entertainment as well as many restaurants offering excellent domestic and international cuisine.

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