KUD "Dr. Antun Barac" - Grižane

Grižane, a small town counting about a thousand inhabitants and located about ten minutes by car aback of Crikvenica, Northern Adriatics, has a rich history, culture and tradition
Tambura, the original Croatian instrument, has been played in Grižane for more than a hundred years. In the beginning of this century, there existed «Juraj Julije Klović» Tambura club, called so after a renowned Renaissance miniaturist painter (Iulius Clovius Croata in Latin), who was born there.
To continue, keep and further develop such a traditin, «The Dr. Antun Barac Culture and Arts Club» was founded in the autumn of 1979, this time bearing the name of a respected Croatian linguist and Member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, who was born in Grižane as well.
As a part of the Club and being active since its very beginnings is the Tambura Orchestra, led by its conductor, Maestro Vladimir Pergjun. The Club has been well known for its notable performances troughout Croatia and abroad. The Orchestra`s répertoire is oriented towards a modern approach to the orchestral tamburica music. Besides the rich Croatian original folklore music and authorial folklore-based works, the Tambura Orchestra is performing transcriptions of classical works, sacred music and many popular tunes.
A part of such a répertoire is presened on this Compact Disc (Cassette*) as our friendly offering to our numerous existing and future listeners.


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