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Crikvenica Info Site



The natural particularities and the exceptionally favourable geographical position for traffic between Middle Europe and the Mediterranean have brought about an early settlement of these regions. That has been confirmed also by the discovered remains of numerous settlements of the prehistoric inhabitants, Liburnians. In antique times a diverging road of an imp ortant Roman road leading from Italy to Dalmatia spread along the seaside. Alongside the roads there were resting stations and stations for changing horses, agricultural estates, commercial ports and rural houses. The settlement of the Croatian tribes on these territories was completed by the end of the 8th century. The Croatians brought a specific spiritual and material culture, which can be testified by exceptional examples of jewelry found in the Old Croatian necropolis Strance-Gorica near Crikvenica. The family of the princes of Frankopan ruled in the principality of Vinodol for nearly 450 years. During their rule the Frankopans controlled not only the economic but also the cultural development. It is their merit that one of the oldest Europe an laws, the Law of Vinodol, was passed in 1288. In that law the main legal and democratic principles of the social life of the inhabitants of the littoral region were defined. The Frankopans were also considerable donors and constructors of churches. Thus it was in 1412 that prince Nikola IV had a monastery built for the monks of Saint Paul the Hermit close to the very ancient small church situated near the place where the river Dubracina empties into the sea, in which way the future Crikvenica was founded. The monks cherished the national language and used the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet, they cured the populace and ran a school which was attended also by Juraj Julije Klovic, later the most famous painter miniaturist in the world. The small resorts constituting the present town of Crikvenica were originally ports of medieval towns in the valley of Vinodol. Most developed was the port in Selce, and about the end of the l9th century new ports were built with strong stone break-waters, which have subsisted until this day. They prove the skill of the constructors and stone-masons, by which the inhabitants of this region were known and respected all over the world. By the end of the last century the first touri sts began to visit Crikvenica, and subsequently also the other parts of this Riviera. This stimulated the construction of hotels, bathing establishments, villas and the laying down of parks and promenades. During the last one hundred years the resorts of the Riviera have considerably changed. Nowadays they appear as a mixture of modern buildings with the tourist architecture of the last century and the traditional popular architecture, representing integral parts of particular harmony and charm. At present in the resorts of the Riviera of Crikvenica, especially during summer, various events take place - from exhibitions and concerts to performances and sports events and competitions. The visitors can get acquainted with interesting popular customs, while gourmets will appreciate certain dishes prepared in a manner typical for the region.



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Crikvenica is situated in the Kvarner bay at the Adriatic sea, at a distance of 35 kilometers from Rijeka, a apartments, rooms, hotel, croatia, restaurant, agencies, private accommodations, apartments crikvenica, rooms
big road and railway junction and the centre of the district of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, a part of which is also the town of Crikvenica. The whole town of Crikvenica is in fact a riviera with a row of almost connected small tourist resorts: Selce, Crikvenica, Dramalj and Jadranovo. The town spreads on about 28 square kilometers in the coastal zone, which is about 15 km long and about 2 km wide, and is squeezed between the sea and the elongated littoral reef of an average height above sea level of about 300 m. The neighbourhood of the airport on the island of Krk, the passenger and the cargo sea ports in Rijeka, as well as a good road and railway connection with Middle Europe contributed to an early development of tourism which has in the region of the present Riviera of Crikvenica a tradition of more than one hundred years.
apartments, rooms, hotel, croatia, restaurant, agencies, private accommodations, apartments crikvenica, rooms
is full of small coves and beaches covered with white pebbles, some of them have even sand and are very well supplied with all modern equipment for beach life.
The high quality cleanliness of the sea has brought Crikvenica a "blue flag", that European recognition for seawater cleanliness.
Hotels with a very rich gastronomic offer, beaches equipped with drinks and snacks and great number of private restaurants to meet everybody's requirements.
Being on the seasile,
swimming should be the most popular sports jn Crikvenica. And so it is together with surfing and sailing. But there are some who prefer to touch the ball and for those the choice is large. Outdoor sports are practiced throughout the year owing to the very mild climate.
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After an active day, enjoying in the great choice of sports by sea and land, comes rest and relaxation with sauna and/ or massage. Concerts, folklore performances and festivities of all kind are awaiting you at Crikvenica.
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